Anonymous: Hi there I was wondering the the ocean beach prints are still available and what size/price they are? kind regards, Marie

Hi Marie,

Yes, I’m still selling prints of this image. Can you send me an email via so I can forward you along the size and pricing details?

Thank you so much for you for interest!


Anonymous: "Candice on the floor" and the one directly above it are my favorites. I mostly use photoshop but I've noticed a bunch of people who edit their photos to look more analog use lightroom. Do you have a specific preference?

i used photoshop for years, but most recently i find myself using only lightroom, with presets i bought from various photographers online. saved me a lot of time/effort! but it’s a matter of preference and how much “manipulation” you want to apply to the image. VSCO Film is an amazing app to check out, highly recommend!

Anonymous: some photos on your flickr look film although they're digital. how do you do that? haha

photoshop and lightroom presets/filters! :p all about the post-process. if you let me know which photo you’re referring to and i’d be happy to tell you exactly what method i used.

The DIY camera scarf strap by Photojojo!, because “It’s chilly out there!”
I’m all for this.
No, I have not, this early on, forgotten about the young photoblog.
The last two weeks I reveled in my return to New York City for the holidays, with no laptop in hand, determined to spend as much time outside as possible - apart, of course, from the few days I decided to catch the flu - and boy, did I.
It almost, just almost, felt like I was home again.
I do feel the need to mention that the short span of Winter I caught was quite a delightful one. Thanks, Mother Nature. After last year’s "snowpocalypse"…I think it’s safe to say the lovely residents deserved it.
Here are some Christagrams (in no particular order) I’d like to share from the trip.